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object — Property, class away3d.events.MouseEvent3D
The 3d object inside which the event took place.
object — Property, class away3d.events.Object3DEvent
A reference to the 3d object that is relevant to the event.
object3d — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Drag3D
Sets the target ObjectContainer3D to the class.
Object3D — class, package away3d.core.base
Object3D provides a base class for any 3D object that has a (local) transformation. Standard Transform: The standard order for transformation is [parent transform] (Translate+Pivot) (Rotate) (-Pivot) (Scale) [child transform] This is the order of matrix multiplications, left-to-right.
Object3D() — Constructor, class away3d.core.base.Object3D
Creates an Object3D object.
Object3DEvent — class, package away3d.events
Passed as a parameter when a 3d object event occurs
Object3DEvent(type:String, object:away3d.core.base:Object3D) — Constructor, class away3d.events.Object3DEvent
Creates a new MaterialEvent object.
objectContainer3D — Property, class away3d.events.Scene3DEvent
ObjectContainer3D — class, package away3d.containers
ObjectContainer3D is the most basic scene graph node.
ObjectContainer3D() — Constructor, class away3d.containers.ObjectContainer3D
Creates a new ObjectContainer3D object.
objectSpace — Property, class away3d.tools.commands.Merge
Defines if mesh2 is merged using its objectSpace.
objectSpace — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Grid
Defines if the grid unit is applied in objectspace or worldspace.
OBJParser — class, package away3d.loaders.parsers
OBJParser provides a parser for the OBJ data type.
OBJParser(scale:Number) — Constructor, class away3d.loaders.parsers.OBJParser
Creates a new OBJParser object.
Octree — class, package away3d.core.partition
Octree(maxDepth:int, size:Number) — Constructor, class away3d.core.partition.Octree
OctreeNode — class, package away3d.core.partition
OctreeNode(maxDepth:int, size:Number, centerX:Number, centerY:Number, centerZ:Number, depth:int) — Constructor, class away3d.core.partition.OctreeNode
offsetCenter — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Drag3D
Defines an offset for the drag from center mesh to mouse position.
offsetMouseCenter — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Drag3D
getIntersect method returns the 3d point in space (Vector3D) where mouse hits the given plane.
offsetRadius — Property, class away3d.extrusions.LatheExtrude
Defines an offset radius applied to the profile.
offsetU — Property, class away3d.animators.data.UVAnimationFrame
The u-component offset of the UV animation frame.
offsetU — Property, class away3d.core.base.SubMesh
offsetV — Property, class away3d.animators.data.UVAnimationFrame
The v-component offset of the UV animation frame.
offsetV — Property, class away3d.core.base.SubMesh
offsetX — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.ColorHitMap
The offsetX, offsetY by default offsetX and offsetY represent the center of the map.
offsetY — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.ColorHitMap
ONE_VECTOR — Constant Static Property, class away3d.materials.passes.SegmentPass
onInterval(event:flash.events:TimerEvent) — method, class away3d.loaders.parsers.ParserBase
Called when the parsing pause interval has passed and parsing can proceed.
_opaqueRenderableHead — Property, class away3d.core.traverse.EntityCollector
opaqueRenderableHead — Property, class away3d.core.traverse.EntityCollector
The list of opaque IRenderable objects that are considered potentially visible.
orientation — Property, class away3d.animators.PathAnimator
returns the actual interpolated rotation along the path.
orientation — Property, class away3d.animators.data.JointPose
The rotation of the pose stored as a quaternion
orientation — Property, class away3d.primitives.WireframePlane
The orientaion in which the plane lies.
ORIENTATION_XY — Constant Static Property, class away3d.primitives.WireframePlane
ORIENTATION_XZ — Constant Static Property, class away3d.primitives.WireframePlane
ORIENTATION_YZ — Constant Static Property, class away3d.primitives.WireframePlane
orig — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Ray
Defines the origin point of the Ray object
_origin — Property, class away3d.controllers.LookAtController
originalName — Property, class away3d.library.assets.NamedAssetBase
The original name used for this asset in the resource (e.g.
OrthographicLens — class, package away3d.cameras.lenses
The PerspectiveLens object provides a projection matrix that projects 3D geometry isometrically.
OrthographicLens(projectionHeight:Number) — Constructor, class away3d.cameras.lenses.OrthographicLens
Creates a new OrthogonalLens object.
OrthographicOffCenterLens — class, package away3d.cameras.lenses
The PerspectiveLens object provides a projection matrix that projects 3D geometry isometrically.
OrthographicOffCenterLens(minX:Number, maxX:Number, minY:Number, maxY:Number) — Constructor, class away3d.cameras.lenses.OrthographicOffCenterLens
Creates a new OrthogonalLens object.
OUT — Constant Static Property, class away3d.core.math.PlaneClassification
outlineColor — Property, class away3d.materials.methods.OutlineMethod
outlineColor — Property, class away3d.materials.passes.OutlinePass
OutlineMethod — class, package away3d.materials.methods
OutlineMethod(outlineColor:uint, outlineSize:Number, showInnerLines:Boolean, dedicatedMeshes:Boolean) — Constructor, class away3d.materials.methods.OutlineMethod
OutlinePass — class, package away3d.materials.passes
OutlinePass(outlineColor:uint, outlineSize:Number, showInnerLines:Boolean, dedicatedMeshes:Boolean) — Constructor, class away3d.materials.passes.OutlinePass
outlineSize — Property, class away3d.materials.methods.OutlineMethod
outlineSize — Property, class away3d.materials.passes.OutlinePass
overlayTexture — Property, class away3d.filters.tasks.Filter3DCompositeTask
overlayTexture — Property, class away3d.filters.tasks.Filter3DXFadeCompositeTask
overrideAbsolutePaths — Property, class away3d.loaders.misc.AssetLoaderContext
Defines whether absolute paths (defined as paths that begin with a "/") should be overridden with the dependencyBaseUrl defined in this context.
overrideFullURLs — Property, class away3d.loaders.misc.AssetLoaderContext
Defines whether "full" URLs (defined as a URL that includes a scheme, e.g.
_owners — Property, class away3d.animators.AnimatorBase
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