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QuadraticPath — class, package away3d.paths
Holds information about a single Path definition.
QuadraticPath(data:Vector$flash.geom:Vector3D) — Constructor, class away3d.paths.QuadraticPath
Creates a new Path object.
QuadraticPathSegment — class, package away3d.paths
Creates a curved line segment definition required for the Path class.
QuadraticPathSegment(pStart:flash.geom:Vector3D, pControl:flash.geom:Vector3D, pEnd:flash.geom:Vector3D) — Constructor, class away3d.paths.QuadraticPathSegment
QuadTree — class, package away3d.core.partition
QuadTree(maxDepth:int, size:Number, height:Number) — Constructor, class away3d.core.partition.QuadTree
QuadTreeNode — class, package away3d.core.partition
QuadTreeNode(maxDepth:int, size:Number, height:Number, centerX:Number, centerZ:Number, depth:int) — Constructor, class away3d.core.partition.QuadTreeNode
quarterFace(mesh:away3d.entities:Mesh, indice:uint, subGeomIndice:uint) — Static Method , class away3d.tools.helpers.FaceHelper
Divides a face into 4 faces.
quarterFaces(mesh:away3d.entities:Mesh) — Static Method , class away3d.tools.helpers.FaceHelper
Divides all the faces of a mesh in 4 faces.
Quaternion — final class, package away3d.core.math
A Quaternion object which can be used to represent rotations.
Quaternion(x:Number, y:Number, z:Number, w:Number) — Constructor, class away3d.core.math.Quaternion
Creates a new Quaternion object.
quaternion2euler(quarternion:away3d.core.math:Quaternion) — Static Method , class away3d.core.math.Vector3DUtils
Returns a Vector3D object containing the euler angles represented by the given Quaternion object.
quaternion2matrix(quarternion:away3d.core.math:Quaternion, m:flash.geom:Matrix3D) — Static Method , class away3d.core.math.Matrix3DUtils
Fills the 3d matrix object with values representing the transformation made by the given quaternion.
queueSnapshot(bmd:flash.display:BitmapData) — method, class away3d.core.render.RendererBase
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