War of Omens

Trading card game War of Omens

War of Omens is a digital CCG/TCG game developed and published by San Francisco based startup Fifth Column Games. The game was originally an internal hobby project made by one of the team, but became so popular round the office that the decision was made to develop it…


K. O. L. M.

Indie game kickstarter K. O. L. M.

UK-based indie games developer The-Exp Games has recently launched a kickstarter project that aims to produce a console-quality remake of the popular K.O.L.M. online games series.

K.O.L.M started off its life as an independent game release on Armor Games back in 2010. Its classic platformer search-and-discovery style attracted…



Advanced 3D floorplanner FloorPAD

A young, ambitious team from Slovakia has recently launched a new floor planning application. FloorPAD (Floor Plans Advanced Designer) puts an emphasis on a friendly, straightforward user environment. Drawing your plans takes minutes rather than days, and the option to then view them in 3D will make you feel…


Life Size Messi

Online living avatar Life Size Messi

Life size Messi features a true-to-life Messi avatar - LEO - who is aware of and responds to users. LEO knows you’re there - he looks at you, he follows your movements, he responds to your touch.  He is like a real man just beyond your screen – intelligent,…


Pic Your Travel

Global photo sharing promo Pic Your Travel

Together with TBWA\NEBOKO, Netherlands-based creative agency Superhero Cheesecake developed an upload-your-holiday-photo campaign for Heineken in The Netherlands. Taking inspiration from the social media photosharing trend,  Heineken Pic Your Travel is a website where you can upload your holiday photo for a chance to win KLM tickets.